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Combating Workplace Toxicity

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

What is a “Toxic Workplace”? A toxic workplace is a place where the work, the atmosphere, the people or any combination of the 3, cause serious disruptions in the life of a working individual.

Falling subject to a toxic workplace can be detrimental to a person’s health and wellbeing, causing things such as anxiety to lowering of self-esteem. Hostile and toxic work environments can be damaging to a workers professional and personal life.

At Lucia Landscaping, we take workplace toxicity very seriously and work incredibly hard to maintain a positive, healthy company culture. We say that culture is the core of everything we do, and our actions support that statement.

A few of the things we do to support our team members and show appreciation for the hard work they do:

· Annual company picnic

· Contests & giveaways

· Gifts

· Donuts every Friday morning

· Team-building activities and sports

· Team lunches

· Certification programs

· Benefits for all our team members, including Landscaping & Irrigation field staff

· Bonuses

We have found the above help keep our employees engaged, encourages positivity, it aids in team building and overall better performance. Bottom line, your team wants to know that you see them as a person rather than just a number and we do our best to provide an inclusive, fun environment while still running our business practices efficiently and effectively.

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