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Weather in Michigan can be unpredictable. Snowfall can be a hindrance to your home or business, not only because it gets in the way, but also because it can be dangerous in the case of slippery walkways or steps.

Our well-trained crews and top of the line equipment enable Lucia Landscaping to provide you with snow removal and salting services 24 hours a day — 7 days a week. Don't get caught in the storm this winter. Keep your driveway, walkways, and porches clear of snow. Call now to sign up for Snow & Ice Management services such as Snow Plowing, Salt & Ice Melters, and Snow Shoveling. 

Stay ahead of the storm this winter with Lucia Landscaping's Snow & Ice Management Programs!


Our team is ready to take on the winter storm. Call Lucia Landscaping today for a free estimate and ensure that your snow removal will be taken care of this winter.