Award Winning Landscape Designs

In the past four years, Lucia Landscaping Inc. has achieved multiple Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals at the MGIA (Michigan Green Industry Association) Environmental Improvement Awards.

Backyard Paradise
Gold Medal Commercial Landscape
Award Winning Commercial Patio
Amazing Outdoor Kitchen Design
Award Winning Backyard Getaway
Landscape & Hardscape Design Award
Commercial Landscape Award Winner
Award Winning Patio Lighting
Commercial Design for Employee Space
Commercial Patio Lighting
Award Winning Landscaping
Award Winning Outdoor Kitchen
Landscape Design Award
Award Winning Hardscape Design
Beautiful backyard Patio & Waterfall
Award Winning Commercial Landscaping
Gold Medal Landscape Lighting
Landscape Design Lucia Landscaping
Commercial Landscape & Hardscape
Circular Patio Design
Cozy Backyard Patio Firepit
Award Winning Landscape Lighting
Inviting Commercial Landscaping
Comfortable Backyard Patio
Award Winning Backyard Landscape
New Driveway and Landscape
Backyard Patio Waterfall
Custom Pergola Overlooking the Water
Lucia Landscaping Patio Design
Award Winning Landscape Design
Lucia Landscaping Awarded Landscape
Award Winning Backyard Fireplace
Awarded Hardscape with Water Feature
Award Winning Brick Inlay