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1. Initial Consultation

Our designer will meet with you to discuss the objectives of the proposed project. You can let us know your landscaping needs, desires, and budget, etc. In turn, the designer interviews you to clarify the information needed to create a landscape design that will meet or exceed expectations. This part of the process is as much to find out about you as it is about the project.

2. Site Analysis

Our team will visit the site to take measurements and gather information about the existing site conditions and features that influence the layout of the design. This information is then used to create a base plan.

3. Design & Bid

We will take several images of the site for rendering the final digital image(s). Depending on the complexity of the project, a scale drawing may be needed to further the design process, such as the addition of hardscapes to the plan. An estimate is then calculated based on the proposed landscape design.

4. Presentation

Our designer will meet with you again to present the design and estimate. Questions and concerns are addressed and any necessary revisions are discussed at that time. Upon payment of design fee, the plan and estimate are left with you so the documents can be reviewed and evaluated in greater detail. The required down payment can be made at this time, to secure your spot in our schedule.

5. Implementation

Upon acceptance of the project, you will be scheduled for installation. In some cases, utility companies are notified for the location of underground cable, gas, and electric lines. Our experienced landscape team will work on creating a beautiful landscape until the project is finished. Our designer is a crucial part of the project management and implementation and is involved throughout the construction and final walk-through.

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