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Service Partners

Benefits of Partnering with
Lucia Landscaping

  • We provide the jobs, you don’t have to advertise, market, estimate, bid or wonder if you will have work

  • Fixed payment schedule

  • Discounted supplies pricing, per availability​

  • Seasonal & per-service contracts for cash flow diversity​

  • Expand your visibility & footprint as you service local, state & national based companies​

  • Your sites are your sites, for the length of the contract​

  • No client facing communication​

  • Partnering with a Top 100 Snow Contractor in the state & being a part of our #OneTeam

Our #OneTeam Promise

At Lucia Landscaping we have a ONE TEAM mentality, so we are developing a company culture of striving to better ourselves & our organization through hard work & dedication.  However, that hard work & dedication isn't just on your end, we make the following promises to our Service Partners:

  • As a Service Partner we promise to treat you with the same amount of honesty & respect as we would any of our team members

  • We depend on you to provide high quality service to our customers, but know that you can depend on us to pay you, on time, for those services

  • Billing & service issues will be given top priority & we will work with you to resolve them immediately

  • We will provide you with all of the information you need to succeed at your partnered service- accurate site maps, scopes of work and continued support

  • We will not give you more business than you can handle at the time, but will work with you to expand the portfolio you service for us, as you grow


We believe that our team members & our partners are the backbone of our business, without them we don't exist, that's why we promise to treat them better than any other competitor in the business.

To Partner With Our Company

Our #OneTeam Promise
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