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A well-maintained exterior reflects positively on your business's image, boosting customer & employee satisfaction & loyalty. Investing in parking lot maintenance not only preserves the aesthetics of the property but also demonstrates a commitment to environmental responsibility & your people's safety.  Regular maintenance removes debris, litter and pollutants, prevents damage to the pavement or drainage systems & enhances safety by reducing slip and trip hazards, while minimizing maintenance costs and environmental impact.

Parking Lot Solutions


Parking Lot Sweeping

Sweeping removes debris, litter, and unsightly buildup, leaving the parking lot looking clean and well-maintained, creating a positive first impression for customers and visitors.

Concrete & Asphalt

Upgrading your business parking lot with new concrete or asphalt offers numerous benefits, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.  Moreover, new materials are more durable and require less maintenance, saving your business time and money in the long run.


Clearly marked parking spaces and directional arrows help maximize the use of available space, making it easier for customers to navigate and park efficiently & also reducing congestion and promoting a safer environment for both pedestrians and vehicles


Maintaining a smooth, well-sealed lot enhances the overall appearance and safety of your property, creating a positive first impression for customers. Sealcoating also improves traction, reduces long-term maintenance costs and preserves the structural integrity of your parking lot, ensuring it remains functional and attractive for years to come.


Repairs & Crack Filling

Proactive maintenance not only extends the lifespan of your asphalt but also enhances safety by reducing tripping hazards and minimizing vehicle damage risks. A well-maintained parking lot reflects positively on your business, showing customers and clients that you care about their experience and safety.



Protect your investment, while showing your people you care.


The FIRST First Impression

At Lucia Landscaping, we have been in the business of first impressions for over 30 years.  And throughout those decades of service, we've realized that the one thing people notice before your landscaping is your parking lot.   Providing them with a safe & clean environment is an easy way to show that you value your business, the property itself & your customers.

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