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 Lighting & Irrigation Solutions 


Sprinkler System Design & Installation

We understand the importance of a well-maintained landscape for your business. With our irrigation installation services, we can guarantee the health and longevity of your commercial property’s green space.

Start-Ups & Winterizations

In climates with winter temps below freezing, irrigation system winterizations & turn-ons are essential services, never to be overlooked.  And although basic, they are best performed by an experienced irrigation technician.

Rain Sensor Installation

We are committed to helping you maintain a healthy & beautiful landscape without wasting water. We offer many sprinkler systems upgrades, including rain sensors that can automatically adjust your system based on current weather.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is the finishing touch that your outdoor space needs. Our team of experts can help you showcase your business in the best light, adding both functionality and beauty to your exterior.


Maintenance, Repairs & Upgrades

Our experienced commercial technicians will work closely with you to ensure your systems are properly maintained & continually meeting your needs. When repairs do arise, our fully-stocked trucks can quickly handle the situation so that you can get back to business.

Set Yourself Apart.

Beautiful landscaping will set you apart from the rest.  Ensure that you can enjoy it, throughout the season & the night, with automatic irrigation & lighting systems.


Picturesque Landscaping

Protecting your landscaping investment with the installation or repairs of an automatic irrigation system is crucial. Your lawn, shrubs and other plants need water in order to survive. A professionally installed irrigation system saves you both time and money.


Welcomed Workers

Our lighting systems bring safety and security when it's dark outside as well as beautiful nighttime scenery for your place of business.  Outdoor lighting will set your business apart, and make clients & employees feel welcome & secure.

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