Landscaping isn't always as simple as design and installation. Protect your investment with an irrigation system, giving your plants the water they need to survive. Or add safety, security, and night-time beauty with landscape lighting. We offer the latest advancements such as rain sensors and Wi-Fi enabled timers, which allow you to control your system from anywhere with internet access. Bluetooth timers are available for landscape lighting, which also allow you to control your system through your smartphone.

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Lighting and Irrigation services include:

  • Sprinkler System Design & Installation

  • Start-Up & Winterization

  • Repairs, Maintenance & Upgrades

  • Rain Sensor Installation

  • Drip Irrigation

  • Landscape Lighting Design & Installation

  • LED Lighting Conversions & Upgrades

  • Bluetooth Lighting Transformers

  • Wi-Fi Enabled Sprinkler Timers

  • Drainage Systems

Protecting your landscaping investment with the installation or repairs of an automatic irrigation system is crucial. Plants need water in order to survive. That's why our team of landscaping professionals will make sure that your sprinkler system is functioning properly. We cover everything from installation to small repairs, including renovations, monthly maintenance, or upgrades such as rain sensor installation. Additionally, light up your storefront or walkways with products made right here in the USA. Our lighting systems bring safety and security when it's dark outside as well as beautiful nighttime scenery for your place of business. Contact us today and don't forget to ask about our colored led lighting systems as well!


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