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Rated Top 100 Snow Contractor In North America

Lucia Landscaping's Commercial Snow Plowing and Ice Management teams are equipped and trained to handle any type of inclement weather the winter may bring. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we monitor the weather so our teams are informed and prepared. We're now ranked in the Top 100 Snow Contractors in the Nation!

Our #1 goal is to ensure the safety and accessibility of your customers and staff. We take great pride in ensuring all of our customers are serviced quickly so their businesses are not affected by winter weather. Please contact us today to see how commercial snow plowing and ice management from Lucia Landscaping can tailor a program to keep your business thriving!

COMMERCIAL snow Plowing

Our combination of professionally maintained equipment ranges from loaders with pusher boxes to pickup trucks with assorted types of plows for multiple applications. We're ready to handle  properties of all shapes and sizes.


Safety is our number one priority. We'll make sure to clear all your walkways, handicap areas, steps and entrances so your clients and employees can arrive with confidence.


Your safety and accessibility are important to us.

De-icing methods include a variety of materials to melt an accumulation of snow and ice, including Hot Pink Deicer that is made in Michigan and helps those affected by breast cancer.


Brine is an Anti-Icing Solution that is less corrosive to hard surfaces and can melt snow at a lower temperature than rock salt. It is used as a pre-treatment and assists with the snow plowing process.


We understand that some properties require snow build up to be taken off site in order to maintain sufficient parking. Get rid of snow piles completely and be better off in the long-haul.

Salt Trucks Lined Up
Commercial Snow Plowing
Commercial Snow Removal
Snow Removal Equipment
Liquid Brine Truck
Your Snow & Ice Management Team
Commercial Snow & Ice Management

Stay ahead of the storm this winter with Lucia Landscaping's Commercial Snow Plowing & Ice Management Programs!


Our team is ready to take on the winter storm. Call Lucia Landscaping today for a free estimate and ensure that your commercial snow removal will be taken care of this winter.


When it comes to the outdoors, Lucia Landscaping is ready and equipped to handle your project in any season. Request a quote below or call our office today!