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Achieving a Healthy Lawn: Lucia Landscaping's Comprehensive Treatment Plan

Updated: Mar 21

It is hard to believe it is time to start planning for our lawn fertilization here in Michigan but, hardy crabgrass seeds and other invasive species of plants are waiting in the soil. Once the temperatures rise high enough (ground temp of 55 degrees, to be exact), they're going to sprout... and getting rid of them after they sprout requires chemicals that can damage your grass, too. So how do you get a lawn free of crabgrass & weeds? Our comprehensive 6-step lawn fertilization program, beginning with…

Spring Fertilization & Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Control

Spring marks the awakening of lawns after the dormant winter period. Even before our lawns start to green up, the roots have begun to grow, making this prime time for early fertilization.  The first step in our comprehensive plan involves applying a slow-release fertilizer tailored to the specific needs of spring growth. It specifically helps build a strong root system that will support the lawn during the hot & dry conditions of summer. Slow-release fertilizers provide nutrients gradually, ensuring sustained nourishment for your grass over time. Additionally, early crabgrass control is crucial during this stage to prevent this aggressive weed from overtaking your lawn.

Late Spring Fertilization & Broadleaf Weed Control

As spring progresses, so do the nutritional needs of your lawn. Late spring calls for another round of slow-release fertilizer to support continued growth and health.  Now that the roots are becoming well-established, this round of fertilization will help the visible side of your lawn to be just as robust & healthy.  Additionally, treatment for broadleaf weeds ensures that your grass receives maximum nutrients without competing with unwanted dandelions, clover & other weeds for resources.

Early Summer Fertilization & Broadleaf Weed Control

Summer brings its own set of challenges, including heat stress, increased foot traffic & weed proliferation. The third step of our plan involves providing your lawn with the necessary nutrients to withstand the summer heat & backyard slip-n-slides while also targeting any broadleaf weeds that may have emerged, ensuring your lawn remains resilient and vibrant throughout the warmer months.

Late Summer Fertilization & Broadleaf Weed Control

Late summer is a critical period for preparing your lawn for the approaching fall and winter seasons. Another round of slow-release fertilizer supports healthy root development and overall strength, while targeted weed control maintains the integrity of your lawn's appearance.

Fall Fertilization & Broadleaf Weed Control

Fall is a time of transition, and your lawn requires special attention to recover from summer stress and prepare for the dormant season ahead. Applying slow-release fertilizer in the fall promotes deep root growth, which is essential for winter survival. Furthermore, targeted weed control ensures that your lawn enters the colder months in optimal condition.

Winter Feeding

Though your lawn may appear dormant during the winter, it still benefits from nourishment. Winter feeding provides essential nutrients that support root health and prepare your grass for a strong comeback when spring arrives. The strong roots you’ve been building will store up the nutrients to use as soon as the snow melts & the sun starts to shine on our lawns.  This step ensures that your lawn remains resilient even during the harshest weather conditions & will come back even better than before, come spring.

Add-On Services for Enhanced Care

In addition to the core six steps, add-on services can further optimize your lawn's health and appearance. If your lawn isn’t looking it’s best & you’re unsure why, give us a call!  Our certified fertilizer technicians can inspect your lawn & figure out the best treatments to get it back on track.  Grub control targets destructive pests that can wreak havoc on your lawn's roots, while lawn insect control addresses threats such as sod webworms & chinch bugs. Additionally, lawn fungicide treatments protect against fungal diseases that can damage your grass, particularly during humid or wet conditions.

Maintaining a vibrant and healthy lawn is a labor of love for many homeowners. However, achieving that lush, green expanse requires more than just watering and mowing. A strategic approach is essential, which is where a 6-step lawn treatment plan comes into play. Each step plays a crucial role in promoting healthy growth, resilience, and overall vitality. Contact us today to set up your treatment plan, so you can enjoy a lush, green lawn that enhances the beauty of your home year-round.

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